Emirates Airlines – Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits

Emirates (EK) is one of the top choice for Cabin Crew. Other than competitive salary, all renumeration is TAX-FREE and Emirates provides one of the most annual leave. Very handy if you want to utilize the staff travel perks and see the world.

Your salary consists of three parts which is your (a) basic, (b) flying per hour pay and (c) overseas nightstop/layover allowance.

Basic/Flying Per Hour

Anyway, your basic and flying pay per hour start from:

USD1 = 3.67Dhs                                            Basic                     Flying Pay

Grade 6 : ( Pursur )                                – 5,515Dhs               89.5Dhs
Grade 5: ( Senior steward/stewardess )- 4,825Dhs                83.5Dhs
Grade 4: ( first class )                             – 4,225Dhs                67.5Dhs
Grade 3: ( business )                              - 4,225Dhs                61.5Dhs
Grade 2 : ( economy )                             – 3,915 Dhs               55Dhs

You start off as a Grade 2 working in the economy class section when you join. As you  gain more experience, you will be promoted accordingly to the list of grades above. Promotion is generally fast as EK is getting plenty of new aircraft each month for the next few years. In EK you could start as a Grade2 and get promoted to Pursur is 5 years. In comparison, a pursur or IFS equivalent in SIA, would require 15 years or more of experience. If you want to bring your career to a higher level, you still have the option to become a Senior Flight Pursur, Cabin Crew Instructor or a Cabin Crew manager.

You will be provided with free accommodation, utility bills and transport. For SFS and above, you have a studio apartment for yourself while for the normal crew you share a apartment with two to three people. You even get a accommodation allowance if you opt to stay outside company provided accommodation.

Layover Allowance

Most airlines (eg. Singapore and Malaysian Airlines) pay the overseas allowance in your local currency and bank it into your account.You have to change to the foreign currency to whichever nightstop that you have. In contrast, EK will pay you cash instead in the local currency of that particular country. So your monthly salary defers and it depends on how many hours you are flying in that month and which nightstops you have.Certain countries have a better allowance and some lesser. For example, if I can recall correctly, station such as Paris you are being paid about 90 Euros per night.

EK is slight better than the other airlines in terms of benefits. In addition to the usual perks – staff and family concessional travel, medical coverage and comprehensive Insurance Scheme - you get a whooping 30 days of annual leave!

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