Malaysia Airlines – Flight Steward/Stewardess Salary and Benefits

Malaysia airlines flight steward/stewardess’ salary is not amongst the top, but the cost of living in Malaysia is also relatively lower than other places like Hong Kong and Singapore. Figures below are as of 2011. RM1 = US$0.32

Basic Salary : RM 1,000 (US$320) (during training)/ RM 1,200 (US$384) (after training)

Per hour flight pay : RM 8. Assuming an average of 70 hours per month, it works out to be RM560 (US$179).

Turnaround flight allowance : RM 65 ( Below 8 hours of duty time )/ RM 100 ( Above 8 hours of duty time)

In Flight Meal allowance – Breakfast : RM 8 Lunch : RM 12 Dinner : RM 15

Uniform allowance : RM 80

Nightstop/Layover allowance ( Overseas & Domestic ) : Varies depending on the destination/country

Other Benefits :-

  • Company provided free transport
  • Free and discounted travel benefit
  • Attractive Medical and Dental benefit

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