Qatar – Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits

Service Bond
Your salary consists of three parts which is your (a) basic, (b) flying per hour pay and (c) overseas nightstop/layover allowance. The rates quoted below are as of 2010.

QR cabin crew pay scales are base on monthly basic salary as shown below 

  • AB INITIO : AB initio trainee QR3600 = USD 986
  • F2 : On completion of the training,2 observer flights and still within 6 months of flight duties QR3600 = USD986
  • F2 : On completion of 6 months of independent flight duties after training period and observation flights (economy class) QR4000= USD1,096

Subsequent salary increments are based on performance and merit .

Flying per Hour
All cabin crew (after AB-initio training) receive an hourly flying pay (HFP), which is grade depandant . This is each hour of productive commercial flying duty.

For F2 Flying pay is QR45 (USD12.35) per hour and is computed on the number of hours operated (chocks off to chocks on). Cabin crew have an average of 90-100 flying hrs per month throughout the year.

Layover Allowance
QX Layover Allowance is dependent on the country and the time of arrival and departure from the city.

It is also important to note that Qatar’s package is tax free.

Qatar offers similar benefits as other airlines:

  • Fully furnished, shared accommodation with private bedroom
  • Welcome bonus
  • Three-year, open-ended contract
  • Meal allowances while on duty
  • Transport while on duty
  • Comprehensive medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Travel benefits on Qatar Airways and partner airlines

Service Bond
Another important point to note is that QX requires all cabin crew to sign an understanding to complete two years of service with the company and a service bond of QR7,200 (USD 1,980) will be in effect.

This amount will be deducted in instalments from your salary over two years. Upon successful completion of the two years services, the amount will be given back to you. However, if you leave before the stipulated time of two years, you will be asked to pay the balance.

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